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All-in-one solution for livestock treatment management, and inventory control.


We provide a comprehensive solution for managing medication treatment for livestock. Our platform streamlines compliance and inventory control for livestock medication treatment.

How it Works

Meet Automed, an all-in-one solution for livestock treatment and medication management

Automed is a one-stop-shop that manages all livestock treatments and medication inventory.


Efficient Medication Treatment

Save Time

Smart Inventory Management

With Automed you can streamline your livestock medication treatment management. We provide smart inventory management to ensure that you never run out of medication. Our platform saves you time and ensures efficient medication treatment for your livestock.

Why Automed

Invest in Automed and ensure efficient and compliant livestock medication treatment management

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Easy setup

Set up Automed once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Our platform is easy to use and provides an all-in-one solution for livestock medication treatment management, compliance and inventory control.

Smart inventory management

With Automed's inventory management system, you can rest assured that your livestock medication inventory is managed efficiently.

Compliant medication treatment

Dynamic resources allocation

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Customizable treatment plans

Automed provides customizable medication treatment plans for your livestock.

Treatment Protocols

Inventory Control

Compliance Management

Reports and Analytics

automed Cloud Device Manager

Link your automed device directly to the automed cloud for seamless autonomous treatment management and delivery compliance.

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